Zakuoma Photo Safari

Posted 2015/11/20 12:13:28 PM by Ruth

Camp Nomade by night

In the African country of Chad, lies one of nature’s best kept natural secrets, Zakouma National Park (ZNP). Over 350 000ha of untamed, untraveled, unfenced and untouched wilderness is what makes Zakouma the perfect destination for the adventure photographer. Here birds exist in flocks of thousands, buffal antelope and elephant move in herds of hundreds and lion’s continue to roam the open plains just as they have since the beginning of time.

Tourism in Chad has been virtually nonexistent up until recent times, which is why ZNP as a travel destination has remained off the radar. This unique attribute is what enticed C4 photo guide and naturalist, Kyle de Nobrega to explore the destination in search of a wild untouched piece of Africa. Kyle was blown away by the abundance of all things wild ZNP had to offer and more so as a photographer, he was challenged by unfamiliar scenario’s that pushed the distinctive moulds African wildlife photography is so often associated with. The result was excellent photography and an abundance of creative opportunities.

We have specifically scheduled this safari to run at the end of ZNP’s dry season, when huge flocks and herds gravitate towards to the remaining pockets of water situated in the marshes and rivers. Along these water courses waterfowl gather on mass, with herds of Tiang, Lelwels Hartebeest, Defassa Waterbuck, Olive Baboon, buffalo and Kordofan Giraffe coming to the water almost all the time. Lion are very common and hunt the buffalo and other antelope as they come to the pools of water. One of the highlights has to be the enormous flocks of quelea that cloud the sky by day, as they dodge the hundreds of predating kites – a scene to behold.

On this Safari, you will be treated to the unique opportunity to explore the reserve and photograph by foot as well as by vehicle. Back at Camp Nomade, which is set up in the most productive areas of the season, one is treated to a North African style tented camp including all the essentials needed to relax and take refuge from the heat of the day.

2016 will mark the first year of tourism for Camp Nomade and Zakouma National Park. C4 Photo Safari’s cannot wait to share one of Africa’s wildest destinations with our fellow wildlife photographers.Make sure you do not miss this opportunity to see one of Africa’s untouched gems.


Abyssinian Roller

Huge flocks of White-faced whistling ducks along the Riguek flood plain

hundreds of buffalo moving through the marsh


Northern Carmine Bee-eater thrives off a blazing fire

Yellow-billed Kite predating on huge flocks of Red-billed Quelea