C4 Photo Safaris August Mashatu Workshop

Posted 2017/03/25 12:00:28 PM by Ruth

There are 2 months I enjoy the most in this remote region of Botswana. The height of the green season in February and at the opposite end of the spectrum, August. We will be hosting a back to back workshop with South Luangwa or Mana Pools in June 2017, destinations that offer authentic and dynamic photographic experiences. 

The reserve is incredibly dry at this time of year, the Mopane trees hang onto their last crippled leaves, the dust obscures the sun and the wildlife congregates along wherever water and food remain. Orange hues line the horizon, and a distanct call of a leopard at dusk sets the tone for a story of life in an arid survival game.

Myself and Isak Pretorius have just hosted a 5 day safari with a great group of guests at Mashatu. There really is nothing more rewarding than to share what we call home with others' who are experienceing wild Africa for the very first time. My highlight was when we came across a cheetah family, the very first cheetah that our guests had ever seen, and looking back towards our guests seeing nothing but huge smiles and even wider open eyes.

What a C4 Photo Workshop at Mashtu offers the photographer is not only beautiful imagery, but a portfolio that is incredibly diverse and an experience to learn about nature and how to portray it as an artist through a camera. 


giraffe landscape

The colour pallette of August

cheetah sunset

With 3 tiny cubs to protect, scanning the plains for a suitable place to settle for rest during the night is one of the many responsibilities for a mother Cheetah


This is the outcome of what happens when you see cheetah cubs


A full moon sets the backdrop after an already exceptional first afternoon

baboon sunrise

Sunrise at a roost

elephant sky

Bad weather can always be a good thing, clouds make a difference

low angle

It is true, eye level is always better

giraffe palette

The wilted Mopane 


Our resident male lion has been busy tring to sire his 6 new cubs

heron dawn

Heron dawn


The legendary Matoja



Hide life

The hide experience adds so much mre to an all round portfolio




Walking up to the famous Mamagua ruins and Rhodes' baobab

rhodes baobab


C4 photo safaris


C4 photo safaris

We where joined by the resident Western rock Sengi's or elephant Shrews

C4 photo safaris

White fronted bee eater colony

C4 photo safaris

This was also the first time that I saw these 3 new additions, absolute pure joy cementing the fact why we love what we do

C4 photo safaris


C4 photo safaris

What do you do?

C4 photo safaris

Daily presentations by Isak and I covering anything relative to wildlife photography

C4 photo safaris


C4 photo safaris

The quelea roost offers one of the most sensory wildlife experiences

C4 photo safaris

A classic Mashatu scene

C4 photo safaris

As a specialist in hunting guinea fowl, she misses nothing from the canopy above

C4 photo safaris

Another end to another great day on safari with C4 Photo Safaris

C4 photo safaris

One of the 6 new additions

C4 photo safaris

Energy on tap