A Morning on The C4 Photo Vehicle

Posted 2016/09/07 01:06:29 PM by Ruth

A few mornings ago we headed out into a near perfect morning breeze, typical of the changing seasons. It’s always a privilege to watch the sunrise, always a great time to be out with the awakening of a new day in the bush.

It was a Lilac Breasted Roller that made us pause for a moment in an attempt to capture its beauty. It was incredibly faint, but the unmistakable alarm calls from a distant herd of Impala was coming from the east. You can’t waste any time following up on alarm calls as the predator, in whatever form, will usually move away from the aggressor. Stopping several times to listen, we carefully honed in and then we got visual of the Impala. Alert, ears forward and heads pointing in one direction, locating our Cheetah proved to be an easy task in this particular scenario.

A young female cheetah settled on top of a small hill, a panoramic view of the surrounding plains.

A little later, down the hill, a female leopard proved to be the most incredible send off gift for the morning. The setting could not have been better.

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leopard at rest



Light can do incredibel things. This cheetah used a small patch of shade set against a green backdrop, amidst a field of sunlit enneapogon grass.


Mashatu leoaprd

A leopard exploring an ancient Mashatu tree

Cheetah viewpoint


Coffee break


Leopard forest