The Photo Vehicle Experience

Posted 2016/04/16 06:19:30 PM by Ruth

Exclusivity, comfortability and practicality are ingredients which make a photographic experience in the bush.

Our C4 Photo Vehicle has been designed to cater for just that and not only is the shooting experience incredibly comfortable, but the wildlife photograhic oppurtunities in one of Africa's most photogenic reserves couples to make it one of the very best experiences out there.

Recently, we hosted 2 magnificent guests on the Photo Vehicle for 4 days, and as first timers to Africa let alone African Wildlife, we all left with a greater appreciation for the safari exprerience, especially for a first timer.

Eric and Delphine Chen left with a greater understanding of what life is all about out in the African bush, and a lot more on how to capture the special moments on camera.

Highlights can be hard to confine, but a few of them included:

.A coalition of male cheetah retreating from an approaching troop of baboons

.The new male lion on the block from Zimbabawe, tracking him as he followed the scent of 2 lionesses

.Leopards in the alluvial forests along the Matabole River

.Sharing the experience with 2 awesome guests who had never seen the African wilderness before

.And, a sighting that is hard to even portray in images, Lion cubs and elephants in one of my favourite rivers of Africa, the

Mighty Motloutse


Lioness along the Majali

We waited for the temperature to drop, patiently awaiting any movemnet from 2 lionesses sleeping lazily along the riverbed. This was the reward of sitting in anticipation for one of them to drink.


Saddle Billed Stork

 A lone male Saddle Billed Stork feeding along the Majali River


Eric enjoying a 'coffee break'

Eric enjoying a 'coffee break'


Impressive Eland

An impressive Eland bull watches us curiously at dawn 


The morning migration

A young bull elephant calf amidst the daily elephant migration into the core region of the reserve


Elephant dust bath

A mid morning dust bath



An Impala Ram amidst a bed of Uruchloa grass, isoltaed by a small beam of filtering sunlight



Understanding light can be vital for creating fine art imagery, we experimented a lot with the technique of isolating a well lit subject against a dark backdrop



By under exposing by -2 EV , we managed to almost exclusively isolate this Giraffe against a ridge in shadow


Lion cubs

The Coup de Gras of the trip was this incredible sighting at dusk along the mighty and very ancient Motloutse river



What a setting to see these cubs for the very first time



It only got better



A subtle disagreement



The lions lay before us, a backdrop of elephants


Leopard magic

A vanishing act


baboon duo

As the heat sets in at dawn, baboons make their way hastily in search of food



On the third occasion, we got lucky as we tried to catch these the troop at sunrise for backlit images


Male Lion

Eric , the dentist who shoots lions the right way!

Eric and Delphine

Eric and Delhine on the C4 Photo Cruiser


Coffee stop

No better place than underneath an Nyala Berry to have a coffee break


Baobab and Milky way

The ultimate African portrait! Image copyright @ Eric Chen