November, transition of season

Posted 2016/02/20 11:19:53 AM by Ruth

A clear change over of season from Spring and into Summer has been marked by a drastic increase in temperature, the arrival of migrant bird species and an overall change in animal behaviour. 

The rains have not arrived and the lush of green Mopane is a stark contrast to the dusty layer below. Water is becoming increasingly scarce on the reserve and as a result the hide has become even more productive. With an early sun rise at 5:15am and high temperatures by 7:00 am, the morning chorus of birdsong and animal activity is incredibly exciting.

Below is a small selection of what life has been like amidst this transformation of seasons


Jackal pup

Jackal pup

Elephant Shrew

Hyena kill



Hyena approach

Banded mongoose

Wood sandpiper