First day back in hiding

Posted 2016/02/02 12:21:17 PM by Ruth

After a magic experience in the Masai Mara, we are back into ‘life underground’. With the recent rain saga well in the past, the heat and dryness of the reserve is producing excellent results at the Matabole hide. It was an epic first morning with loads of birdlife, Impala and a few herds of elephants to finish it all off.  

The background has now turned a mint green colour making for a very welcoming new look to the images. It really is great to be back at home to a reserve that has changed its appearence over the last 2 weeks.

Under the cover of mother

An excited calf approaching the water

In the safety of the herd

A lineup of doves

An Impala get her her turn to drink

Mother and calf

A trunk portrait

An inquisitive Tree Squirell