The wilderness regions on the African continent have at large been explored by the popular tourism industry. It is here in central West Africa that we have had the privilege of discovering one of Africa's best kept secrets. Zakouma National Park and its in credible density of wildlife biodiversity makes this region not only one of the very best kept safari secrets of Africa, but a phenomenal story of inspiration and impactful conservation.


Buffalo at dusk

West African Lion

Camp Nomade

Lion and Quelea

Zakouma photo hide

Central African Buffalo by air

Defassa Waterbuck

Kordofan Giraffe

Dusk in Zakouma

Little green Bee eater

Marabou storks

Northern Carmine Bee eater colony

Northern Carmine bee eaters

Zakouma Pelicans

Northern Carmine Bee Eaters

Quelea colony

Queleas and Kites 1

Central African Savanna Buffalo

Queleas and Kites 2

White faced ducks

The Machtour pan

Lions on a kill

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