It was from the densely vegetated high rainfall reg ion of the lowveld that we both made the long arduous journey west into an unknown and very arid land. The foremost reason for the move into the Kalahari was to gain an insight into the seemin gly simple existence of life in the Kalahari. It wa s a year of understanding its uniqueness that we became accustomed to the seasons and the incredible complexity of this highly attractive and harsh eco- system. The phenomenal display of light that the Kalahari is famed for allowed us the opportunity to interpret this light in many ways and build a small portfolio of the unique inhabitants that have evolved to call the Kalahari their home.


A sapling to us, a tree to him


African Wild cat killing a Meerkat

Backlit pups

Brown Hyena

Chobe elephants

Clouds and Pangolins

Desert rain

Giraffes at pan

Jackal reflections

Lioness in wild sage

Meditating meerkat pup

Meerkats eye view

On the hunt

Pangolin at dawn

Pangolin Portrait

Peeking Pangolin

Red nose Meerkat

Sunset portrait

Third bridge coalition

Under the protection of the sentinel

Zebra crossing

Zebra of Etosha

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