When our mornings and afternoons are not spent underground, we have the privilege of spending time exploring the wilds of Mashatu Game Reserve. So unique in its varying landscapes it hosts an abundance of wildlife that can be captured in and amongst some of the most photogenic African backdrops, it really is any photographers dream destination.


A baboon with a Guinea fowl

Flower season


Mashatu Tree Queen

A relaxed Jackal awaiting nightfall

A sloughing Gecko

At rest

Boomslang and Chameleon

Cheetah in play mode

Concentrated light

Dusk patrol

Elephant in dust

Elephants and grasslands

Eying out potential prey

Following suit

Hyena pup at his den

Last rays of light

Learning the art of killing

Leopard vs Mashatu

Light in the canopy

Off into cover

Palm reading

Peep hole

Playful Cheetah cub

The beauty of a leopard

The breeding colony of weavers at camp

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