Without a doubt our most enjoyed activity in the bush is birding. This passion often finds us venturing to the remote crevices of Africa off the beaten track in search of new species. Naturally, we have an affiliation towards birds as photographic subjects, not only for recording our sightings but for the often technically challenging situations they can put you in forcing you to think and shoot on your toes.


Bathing Dove

Bee-eater Landing

Chaos in Zakouma

Green Pigeon mirror

Cape Grassbird

Crimson Breasted Shrike

Kingfisher Sunrise

Ground Hornbill take off

Guineafowl and quelea in dust

Kingfisher kill

Lilac Breasted Roller dust off

Orange breasted Sunbird

Peeking Pearl spotted Owlets

Pied Kingfisher hover

Red billed Quelea

Secretary bird

Slow shutter Bee-eaters

Three banded Plover at sunrise

White Fronted Bee-eater at first light

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