With a combined love for nature and the enthusiasm to share Africa’s best kept wilderness areas with fellow nature lovers, our journey began together in the Lowveld. We have since covered vast distances in Africa exploring some of its best kept wilderness secrets and photographing its wildlife. We are currently based at Mashatu Game Reserve in South-East Botswana, where we have the privilege of managing the reserves photographic concession under C4 Photo Safaris. Here we have the great pleasure of sharing wildlife experiences from a collection of hides which have been custom designed for wildlife photography.

Our love for nature and our aspiration to preserve it has always been our foremost motive for dedicating our careers and lives to the bush.


“A naturalist guide by trade, a wildlife photographer by passion, a birder at heart, I have truly dedicated my life and time to wilderness regions and everything natural. I'm constantly on a mission to explore, find and ultimately share the fascinating jewels of the bush. My career started in 2009 as a guide in the Waterberg region of South Africa. Here I learned the art of “micro guiding” and became fascinated by everything alive and smaller than a shrew. Later, I was lured into the famed Sabi Sands Game reserve where I spent two years documenting the behaviour of Leopards in particular. Tired of the “big 5” safari style of the Sands, I once again looked for a place where I could return to my former appreciation of the smaller things that nature has to offer. I found the opportunity in the form of Tswalu Game Reserve in the southern extent of the Kalahari. It was really here that I learned the art of interpreting light for wildlife photography.”

“Currently my partner Ruth and I, both manage the photographic concession on the incredibly photogenic Mashatu Game Reserve in South-East Botswana. Here, I share most of my time in a variety of photographic hides, some of which we have helped design and build ourselves. Almost all my time away from ‘work’ is spent in other wilderness regions, where I take the time to approach nature much slower, trying to unlock the mysteries of how the continent as a whole fits and flows into each other.”


“With an innate love for travel and wildlife my passion for photography was bound to work hand in hand. My photographic career began in the form of Fine Art at Rhodes University and has since adapted and taken on new forms during my many travels over the past few years. Naturally, moving to the bush my subject focus shifted to the wildlife around me. Having spent time working in the Sabi Sands, Kalahari and Botswana I have been able to learn about Africa’s wildlife and all its beauty through the practise of photography. ”

“Now based at Mashatu Game Reserve I have the privilege of viewing wildlife from the unique perspective of underground hides, and to share my everyday interactions with a greater audience with the aim to spread the vital message of conservation and of course my simple love for nature. ”

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